Partners of German law firm Graf von Westphalen visited the firm
2019-03-21       昌言(上海)律师事务所

On March 20, 2019, Dr. Marco Zessel (partner in the Frankfurt office), Ms Ming Yi (senior associate in Frankfurt office), and Sally Qin (local partner in Shanghai Office) of Graf von Westphalen (" GVW "), a famous German law firm, visited our law firm.  Dr. Bo Xiao, the director of the firm, and Mr. Justin Cai, the deputy director, warmly received them.

The two parties mainly discussed the possibility of business cooperation from the following two aspects: for GVW customers' operation in China, our law firm can assist GVW to provide Chinese legal services, including data compliance, anti-commercial bribery, government investigation, dispute resolution, criminal risk prevention and other matters that need to be handled by Chinese lawyers; with regard to the investment of Chinese enterprises in the EU, GVW will be recommended to Chinese enterprises (especially those in Hunan province) with full consideration of its legal expertise in the EU.

The two sides also discussed the possibility of co-hosting cyber security and data compliance forum.