The 2019 Cybersecurity and Data Compliance Summit Forum successfully held
2019-06-06       昌言(上海)律师事务所

On June 5, 2019, the Cybersecurity and Data Compliance Summit Forum mainly organized by Changyan (Shanghai) Law Firm, co-organized by German Noerr LLP and Flyingnets was successfully held in Pudong, Shanghai. Nearly a hundred of legal counsels and IT specialists from dozens of enterprises attended the forum.



At two o’clock, Dr. Bo XIAO, Director of Changyan (Shanghai) Law Firm, addressed the forum, welcoming all the participants and announcing the grand opening of the forum.


Our honored guest, Ms. Daoli HUANG, Associate Researcher of Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Director of the Network Security Law Research Center, gave a speech on “Data Governance and Security Compliance”, analyzing how to govern data security compliantly, and introducing the Chinese legislation trends and law enforcement practices in personal information protection and data security fields.



Mr. Justin CAI, Vice Director and Senior Partner of Changyan (Shanghai) Law Firm, delivered the keynote address on “The Chinese Regulatory Supervision of Data Cross-border Transfer”, explaining the relevant laws and regulations in details and giving hints to enterprises on how to cope with global data compliance trends.


Dr. Daniel Rücker, Partner of German Noerr LLP, and Dr. Yifan ZHU also from Noerr LLP, together gave a speech on “Introduction to the European Union's General Data Protection (GDPR) – Background, Definitions and Basic Principles” in English and in Chinese, illustrating the GDPR based on real cases happened already.


Dr. Bo XIAO, Director of Changyan (Shanghai) Law Firm, gave a speech on “Protection of Personal Information under Criminal Law” to give suggestions to enterprises on prevention of criminal risks in businesses by showing many authentic criminal cases.


Mr. Daniel XIN, Chief Architect of Flyingnets, shared his thoughts on “The New Rule of Baseline for Cyber Security Classified Protection 2.0 and Continuous Safety Improvement” from a technical point of view. 



With the lights turning on along the Huangpu River, the 2019 Cybersecurity and Data Compliance Summit Forum successfully came to a close in the loud applause of the audience. We look forward to the next gathering in the near future.